IWHA 2022 – Abstract Submission is now open

Dear Delegate,

On behalf of the local organising committee we would like to invite you to the Biennial Conference of the International Water History Association Hybrid Conference, hosted by Stellenbosch University, South Africa, on 29 June – 1 July 2022. As the LOC, we are pleased to announce that the abstract submission for the International Water History Association Hybrid Conference is now open. It is a pleasure and a privilege to invite you to submit your abstract for this prestigious event.



A listing of the topics is given below as an aid towards the formulation of a suitable paper within the conference theme. Please note that the topics are not exhaustive and other papers satisfying the conference theme can also be submitted. Abstracts for papers are invited under the following topics:

Historical and current ethical perspectives on water.
History of agricultural development and the evolution of smarter water use
Water history and the environment
History of droughts
History of floods
Marine history
Irrigation history
Urban water history
Rural water history
History of urbanization and water supply
History of water treatment and purification
History of wastewater reuse
Water and wastewater infrastructure systems
Old and new water technologies
Water related knowledge in ancient manuscripts (in different languages)

Sanitation history
Used water
Religion and water
Water management systems
Water security
Water disaster management: droughts and floods
Large dams
Large dams and river systems
African water history
Water and sustainable development
Cultural history of water
Water history and its methodologies
Ocean Waters
River histories
Environmental Justice and Water Equity
Water/Hydro diplomacy
Water and climate change
Waterscape changes in response to urbanization
Spatial arrangements and water technology systems (protection perimeters for water works and networks)

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Come and share your research findings, innovative ideas and reflections about teaching, learning and assessment with regards to our innovative topics.

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