- UNECWAS Seminar 2018


6th Annual Seminar of the UNESCO Chair in Sustainable Water Services
“Ways for Promoting Resiliency and Rehabilitation of Aging Infrastructure”

8 June 2018 at 10.30 a.m.
Tampere University of Technology, Civil Engineering, Room RG 202

Part I: Views on Resiliency in Water Services
Chaired by Dr. Pekka E. Pietilä, TUT
10.30 Registration, coffee
11.00 Pauli Kolisoja, Professor, Tampere University of Technology: Opening of the seminar and greetings from TUT
11.10 Esteban Castro, TUT Visiting Professor, National Scientific and Technical Council, Argentina, Emeritus Prof. of Sociology, Newcastle University, UK, “Decision-making and resilience: challenges and opportunities facing the right to essential water services” (presentation slides)
11.50 Klaas Schwartz, Associate Prof, Urban Water Governance, IHE, Delft, The Netherlands, “Room for Failure? An Emerging Approach to Resilience in a Dutch Water Utility” (presentation slides)
12.30 Sarah Ward, Dr., University of the West of England, Int. Water Security Network, Bristol, UK: ”Enhancing Water Services Resilience: Perspectives” (presentation slides)
13.00 Commentary on the morning session: Dr. Osmo Seppälä, CEO, Finnish Water Utilities Association (presentation slides)

13.10 Lunch break

Part II: Case of Finland with examples from Water Utilities
Chaired by Dr. Riikka P. Rajala, TUT
14.00 Petri S. Juuti, Adj. Prof., UNESCO co-chair, RDI Cluster on Water Services at TUT (presentation slides)
14.15 Petri Jokela, Dep. MD, Case of Tampere Water (presentation slides)
14.35 Jukka Meriluoto, MD, Case of Hämeenlinna Region Water Utility (presentation slides)
15.00 Coffee
15.25 Jyrki Laitinen, Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), Commentary (presentation slides)
15.55 Antti Rautavaara, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Commentary
16.10 Tapio S. Katko, Adj. Prof., UNESCO chairholder, “20 years of Science for Water Services by the CADWES team” (presentation slides)
16.25 Harri Mattila, Adj. Prof., Häme Univ. of Applied Sciences, Concluding remarks
16.40 Closure

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