- Katko, Tapio

Tapio Katko

Tapio S. Katko

Associate Professor, Senior Visiting Expert
Tampere University
Faculty of Built Environment
Civil Engineering
Water Services Development Research Team CADWES
Address: Box 600, FI-33101 Tampere, Finland
tel +358 400 737
e-mail: tapio.katko(a)

Long-term development of water and related infrastructure including history and futures, Institutional, management and policy issues of water and sanitation services; Water services governance, Public-private cooperation, Water sector reforms, Water pricing, Water services in developing and transition economies, Human resources development, Development and implementation of higher education in water and environmental services and management, Non-fiction writing

UNESCO Chair in Sustainable Water Services at TUT 2012-20
Adjunct Professor (Environmental Sciences: Int. water management, University of Jyväskylä: 22.2.2006-
Adjunct Professor (Environmental Policy: institutions of env. management), University of Tampere: 29.11.2001-
Adjunct Professor (Water Services Development), Tampere University of Technology 20.5.1996-
DTech (Water Engineering), Tampere University of Technology, 1991
MSc (Civil Engineering), Tampere University of Technology, 1979
Vocational teacher education programme 1995
Studies in Educational Sciences 1993

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Papers and Chapters

Inha L.M., Katko T.S. & Rajala R.P. 2019. Improved Water Services Cooperation through Clarification of Rules and Roles. Water. 11, 10: 2172.

Rajala R.P., Katko T.S. & Springe G. 2019. Students’ Perceived Priorities on Water as a Human Right, Natural Resource, and Multiple Goods. Sustainability 11, 22): 6354.

Katko T. S. & Hukka J.J. 2021. Crisis and Water Services: How a 2007 Public Health Emergency in Finland Helped Shape Its Response to COVID-19. Public Works Management & Policy. 6, 1: 63–70. DOI: 10.1177/1087724X20969159

Juuti P.S., Juuti R.P., Hukka J.J. & Katko T.S. 2022 (in press) SDG 6: Safe Water and Sanitation: Changing International Policies after WWII. In: Gutmann M. & Gorman D. (eds) Before the SDGs. A Historical Companion to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Oxford Univ. Press. 176-209.


Katko T. 2013. Hanaa! Suomen vesihuolto: kehitys ja yhteiskunnallinen merkitys (Water services evolution and social import in Finland). Suomen Vesilaitosyhdistys ry (Finnish Association of Water Utilities). 501 p. (In Finnish)

Katko T. S. 2016. Finnish Water Services – Experiences in Global Perspective. Finnish Water Utilities Association. Co-published E-book by IWA Publ 2017

Katko T.S., Juuti P.S., Juuti R.P. & Väyrynen P.O. (2022 April) Vesihuollon myytit (The myths of water services). Vastapaino, Tampere. (In Finnish)


2019- Adjunct Professor, Senior Visiting Expert, Tampere University
2013-19 Adjunct Professor, Senior Researcher, Tampere University (of Technology)
2013 University of Tampere, School of Social Sciences and Humanities 50 %
2011-2012 Adjunct Professor, Tampere University of Technology
2010 Finnish Water and Waste Water Works Association; Mobility Programme
2005-2009 Adjunct Professor, Tampere University of Technology
1998-2004, Academy Fellow, The Academy of Finland c/o Tampere University of Technology
1997-1998 Tampere City Water Works
1993-1997 Vaasa Institute of Technology / Vaasa Polytechnic, Principal lecturer
1989-1992 Research Fellow, The Academy of Finland, c/o Tampere University of Technology
1984-1989 Research Fellow, Tampere University of Technology, Tampere, Finland
1983 UN, DTCD Associate Expert, Lilongwe, Malawi
1979-1982 Postgraduate Course in Water Supply and Sanitation, Ass. Course Director, TUT and Tanzania

2013 Visiting Professor, Polytechnic of Namibia, Namibia
2009 Visiting Fulbright NC Scholar, Colorado State University
2004-2005 Invited Expert, European Declaration for a New Water Culture Foundation, Zaragoza, Spain
1997 Visiting Professor, Colorado State University

Supervised completed doctoral dissertations: main supervisor 12; second supervisor 5
Ongoing: several
Doctoral opponent/examiner 9
Pre-examiner of doctoral dissertations 13

International (7)
2013 Dooge Prize, International Water History Association
National (6)
2013 Member of Finnish Academy of Technical Sciences