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Ympäristöhistoria Finnish Journal of Environmental History
(YFJEH) is our peer referee journal.
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Jarmo J. Hukka and Tapio S. Katko. 2021. Towards Sustainable Water Services: Subsidiarity, Multi-level Governance and Resilience for Building Viable Water Utilities.

Water & Heritage. Material, conceptual and spiritual connections.
Edited by Willem J.H. Willems & Henk P.J. van Schaik.
April 2015. ISBN: 9789088902789.
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Contains also a chapter by CADWES.

Water & Heritage

Hukka, Jarmo J. 2013. Vesihuolto vihreän talouden aikakaudelle.
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Abstract books
International Water History Association Conference 2007, Tampere
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