- Dissertations

Pekka Pietilä, Harri Mattila and Osmo Seppälä, Ceremonial conferment of doctoral degrees 25 May 2007

Pekka Pietilä, Harri Mattila and Osmo Seppälä, Ceremonial conferment of doctoral degrees 25 May 2007


Tampere University

Inha L. 2021. Developing Policies for Resilient Water Services.
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Laitinen J. 2020. Quest for sustainable urban water services – Management and practices in Finland.
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Tampere University of Technology

Sirpa S. 2017. Knowledge Management and Retention: A Case of a Water Utility in Finland.
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Behailu B. 2016. Rural Water and Sanitation: Community Managed Project Approach for Sustainability in Ethiopia.
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Kurki V. 2016. Negotiating groundwater governance: lessons from contentious aquifer recharge projects.
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Heino O. 2016. Paradigman jäljillä. Tutkimus vesihuollon ajattelumalleista.
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Rautanen S-L. 2016. Access to Water? Dynamic Capacity Change for Sustainable Rural Water and Sanitation Services for All.
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O’Neill M. 2015. Ecological Sanitation – A Logical Choice? The Development of the Sanitation Institution in a World Society. TUT. Publ. no 1284. Defended 7th of March, 2015.
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Rajala R. 2009. Long-Term Development Paths in Water Services – the Case of Finland
(Pitkän aikavälin kehityspolut vesihuollossa – tapauksena Suomi). TUT. Publ. no 818.

Vinnari E. M. 2008. Public service or Public Investment? An Assessment of the Consequences
of New Public Management in the Water Sector. TUT. Publ. no 726.
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Pietilä P. 2006. Role of municipalities in water services (Kuntien rooli vesihuollossa). TUT. Publ.
no 617. 226 p.
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Mattila H. 2005. Appropriate management of on-site sanitation. Doctoral dissertation. TUT,
Publications 537. 151 p.
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Seppälä O.T. 2004. Visionary management in water services: Reform and development of
institutional frameworks. Doctoral dissertation. TUT, Publications 457. 300 p.

Asheesh M. 2003. Integrating rules and tools for transboundary water resources management –
Case of Israel and Palestine. TUT, Publications no. 435. 200 p.

Hukka J.J. 1998. Institutions, organizations and viable water services: A capacity development
model for drinking water provision and production. TUT, Publications no. 230. 175 p.

Katko T.S. 1991. Katko T. 1991. Paying for water in developing countries. TUT doctoral dissertation no. 74. 240 p.

Other universities

Mäki H.2008. Water, Sanitation and Health: The Development of the Environmental Services
in Four South African Cities, 1840–1920. Tampere: Kehrämedia Inc.
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Windischhofer R. 2007. Municipal Entrepreneurialism and the Commercialization of the
Finnish Water Sector. Adacemic Dissertation. Tampere: University of Tampere Publishing.
ActaElectronica Universitatis Tamperensis; 641,
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Juuti P. 2001. Kaupunki ja vesi. Tampereen vesihuollon ympäristöhistoria 1835–1921.
Summary: City and Water. (ISBN 952-91-4046-0) University of Tampere.
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Sandelin S. 2006. Knowledge management and networking in a water utility – the case of Pori
Water. TUT, Dept. of Civil Engineering. 128 p.

Asola I. 2001. Vesitorni, teknologian ratkaisu ja yhdyskunnan maamerkki. (Water tower: a
technological solution and landmark of the community) TUT, Dept. of Civil Engineering. 237 p. In
Finnish, abstract in English.