- Water fountains in the worldscape

Photo: Tampereen teknillisen yliopiston arkisto

Photo: Tampereen teknillisen yliopiston arkisto

Hynynen A., Juuti P. & Katko T.S. (Eds) 2012. International Water History Association & KehräMedia Ltd.

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Water is an element of special interest to mankind and a captivating feature of the cityscape. Since antiquity fountains have existed in cities besides natural water bodies such as lakes, rivers and seashores.

Their original purpose may have been to supply water to communities, but quite soon they have also been assigned functions related to cityscape. Fountains have also been used to cool cities during hot spells.

This project is launched in response to the observation that despite the prominent position fountains occupy in many cities, hardly any related compilations have been written. The book is based on research with scientific citations and use of sources. It is a four-color print.

Contextually this book covers 16 cities in equally many countries from across the world and all the continents, where fountains have been or are an essential feature of the cityscape. These are followed by Comparative analysis using additional examples from 72 cities in 39 counties.

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“While going through the pages of the manuscript for the purpose of writing the foreword, it dawned on me how many scholars, most well known and highly respected in the water history fraternity, shared the passion and vision of the editors of this book. Each contribution has required many hours of painstaking work. The illustration accompanying the lively text titillate the senses. They transmit images of natural motion and fluidity. This study is a fountain of metaphorical delight shedding light on a water feature that has thrived on human creativity – primarily with the objective of beautifying a functional facility intended to provide water – the most valuable resource.”
Johann Tempelhoff, International Water History Association, President 2009-2011

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The WaterWheel. South Africa. Sep/Oct 2012. 11, 5: 9
Water Alternatives 5(3): 721-722
Public Works Management and Policy, Jan 1, 2013


Water Fountains in the worldscape

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Vesitalous 3/2012
Yhdyskuntasuunnittelu / The Finnish Journal of Urban Studies 2012:3


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